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Strauss Films is offering more to fit your team's needs. We strive to do a better job at centering your videos around your team while telling the story of the game. To be able to meet any team's needs, we offer highlight films, hype films, livestreams, personal game day videos, social media posts, and much more!


Our HIGHLIGHTS show a recap of the game captured. Showcasing both teams with score updates. The layout of these film are created to show school branding, sponsors,  upcoming games, and fit your team!


Our HYPE FILMS are revolutionary to what is being shown locally. We have started doing this style to fulfill numerous needs. The first need is to create HYPE and EXCITEMENT for big games such as playoffs and/or rivalries. 


During the pandemic, we had to adapt to fit the needs of multiple teams and provide livestreams of their home games. We are able to have announcers, multiple cameras, stats, and much more! We have numerous ways to represent the schools and sponsors during livestreams.


As we have grown our business, we have continued to add, adapt, learn, and have fun with the sports. GAME DAY is a unique service we are adding on for teams. This is a great way to promote games and to build excitement for players! 

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