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Here at Strauss Films, we are alway wanting to find a way to grow as a business. The longer we thought about it, the quicker we realized that other businesses are wanting to grow.  We are now offering ADVERTISING as a service and that will include the following: commercials, social media posts, and much more!


One of the most popular ways to promote your business is to have a commercial. The only downfall to that is most commercials are expensive, but we are here to tell you they do NOT have to be. Another opinion we have is that commercials do not have to be strictly for television. A vast majority of people re on various types of social medias and commercials can be aired on all forms of social media. Why not share those commercials on social media and allow your future clients the chance to click directly on your business page!


Like we mentioned above, commercials can also be shown on any type of social media platform. That isn't the only type of service we can offer that will benefit your social media presence. We offer a variety of videos, designs, and photos that will showcase your business. From brick and mortar tours, weekly deals, testimonials videos, about us films, and much more! The great thought about social media is that innovation is endless!

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