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In 2016, Colten Strauss created Strauss Films to preserve memories and tell stories. He grew up surrounded by cameras. Most of his memories have been captured on film from a child to today. This form of storytelling inspired Colten to create cinematic films to help others tell their story.



"More Than Film," is short and simply. Everything we do has a larger meaning. From taking street photography to capturing a sporting event. It's all "More Than Film."

Picture of a kid waiting his turn to get Sauce Gardners' autograph at Cincinnati's spring game on April 15, 2023


My vision is to create beautiful content that resonates with many. Through cinematography to storytelling, we want to create a memory to cherish for life.

- Colten

Picture of Campbell's Chadd Mascoe looking onto Barker-Lane Stadium prior to his first homecoming game as a Camel on October 8, 2022

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